How to Use the Inbox


Shout's multi-channel inbox gives you access to all incoming messages and active conversations in one place. This means all your messages from texts (via your Customer Service or Marketing number), Facebook Messenger, and Shout-to-Shout (S2S) come directly to your Shout inbox! This saves you time and keeps you from having to manage conversations in multiple places. 

Inbox Channels

Your inbox includes channels – a great way to organize all your incoming messages into folders. This ensures, for example, all your customer communication goes to one channel and team communication goes to another. 

  • Your Shout account automatically comes with two channels – Customer and Team.
  • To learn more about adding and editing channels, go here.


Manage Conversations

On the left side of the inbox, you’ll see open conversations in a filtered list. 

Open and Closed

At the top of your conversation list, you’ll see a tab for open inbox conversations and an archive of closed conversations. When you mark a conversation closed, or use the auto-mark done action in a bot, those conversations are moved out of the inbox.


Inbox Filters

You can filter the inbox by topic, group, tag, pinned conversations, muted conversations, or unread conversations. 

  • To remove filters, click on the topics, groups, or tags and select Clear Filter.
  • Toggle filters for pinned, or muted conversations clicking the label


Contact Search

To search for a specific contact, click the field with the magnifying glass and start typing a name.

If you can’t find the conversation you’re looking for, try searching in the done folder.


Conversation Preview

  • Assigned groups and tags will be shown below the conversation preview. Hover over the icons to see additional information
  • Mute, pin, or mark done directly from the card

Active Conversations

In the middle of the inbox, you’ll see the open conversation you’ve selected. 

  • Scroll up and see old messages in the conversation for reference.
  • Mark a conversation as unread or pin it for later follow up.
  • Keep your inbox uncluttered, click done when you’ve finished a conversation.

Build a Contact Profile

The contact profile is a source of valuable information – details about who they are, what they care about, and how you’re interacting with them. From here you can:

  • See details about your contact – Shout username, phone numbers, emails, address, and birthday
  • Add notes – a great way to keep track of important details
  • See upcoming scheduled messages they’re receiving
  • Mute contacts that don’t need your attention. Muted contacts will stay in your inbox, but won’t send alerts
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