1.13.1 - Group Chat Beta & Voice Memos

Hey Everyone!!! We've just released some awesome enhancements and fixes to the mobile app and the web application, including adding a Voice Memos to the mobile app and full text editor to our Conversation and Group Chat notes. Check out the full list of updates below. You'll need to update your Mobile Apps by visiting the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android) here:

As always, if you see your apps or your account misbehaving, let us know!


- Now you can send Voice Memos to your S2S contacts!!!

- Schedule your voice memos to go whenever you want 

- Format your notes to your hearts content with a full text editor, including titles, links, lists, and lots of other neat options.
- Add checklists to your notes.
- Show Group Chat Notes to all the members of your Group Chat for instructions, processes, and all the other really cool stuff you want to share with your peeps.

- If a contact profile is connected to an S2S user, we now show their public profile picture in your account.

- Now you can see all the Group Chats your in with a Contact from the Contact Profile Activity Tab.

- You can now upload and share files up to 300MB.

- Now you can delete alerts that have been scheduled to send inside your delivery window.

- Group Message History now shows the delivery status code of each message, so you see whether your text messages are being marked as spam by carriers.

- When saving a bot, we now show the saving / loading modal, so you don't get confused and thing the page has frozen.

- Share links sharing channels were busted. Now they work.
- New Shout Users that were previously Shout Contacts no longer create a second conversation with the same contact.
- Improved searching for other Shout Users
- You can now see and assign Chain Bots from Inbox and Contact Profile Sidebar.
- Fixed Shipping batches where the user doesn't have a "From" address.
- Fixed the miscount on the Bots card of the dashboard.
- Fixed Chain Bots sometimes not sending the next message when the next message didn't have a next button.
- Fixed Time Stamps sometimes showing the wrong time in Group Chats.
- Fixed the ability to do big downloads from the Contacts and Groups tables.
- Fixed where the inbox would sometimes show messages in the inbox more than once, even though the message was only sent once.
- Fixed where the order modal sometimes wouldn't reload when updating certain fields.

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