How to Create Recurring Events

What are Recurring Events?

Recurring events allow you to send messages, run bots, or start a drip campaign on a schedule you set – daily, weekly, monthly, or custom. This feature is great for things like weekly check-ins with your team, an invitation to a weekly webinar or training, a reminder for customers to take advantage of a recurring monthly promotion, and more. 

Set up a Recurring Event

Recurring events can only be created on desktop and tablets. 

Step 1: Create a Recurring Event

  • Click on Automations in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Recurring
  • Click the blue button at the top left of the screen

  • Name your recurring event – this will only be visible to you and those you share your bot with so pick a name that will help you remember what it does and how to use it.

Step 2: Select Action

Choose the action that you’d like to repeat. There are three to choose from:

  • Send a message
  • Run a bot
  • Run drip campaign

Use the message composer to write your recurring message, or select a bot or drip from the dropdown menus.

Step 3: Select Service

Decide which services you want your messages to send from. Services include:

  • Shout-to-Shout (S2S)
  • Facebook
  • Customer Service number
  • Marketing number
  • To run a bot or drip campaign, the service you select in your recurring event must be enabled on your bot or drip too.
  • Shout can automatically use S2S messaging for your Shout contacts and text services for everyone else – saving you message segments.

Step 4: Set Your Schedule/Frequency

Choose the time of day for the action. There are five options for scheduling:

  • Daily – every day or alternating days
  • Weekly – by certain days each week
  • Monthly – by day of the month or day of the week
  • Yearly – the same date each year
  • Custom – specific dates and times

Set how many times the action will repeat:

  • Forever – until you manually remove it
  • Specific Date – until the date set
  • After ‘n’ Times – until the action has run a set number of times 
  • Assign Groups or Contacts to receive the messages

Move individual contacts in and out of groups to make your automated messages easy to manage. For example, create a “weekly encouragement” group that gets a weekly message designed to keep them motivated.

Step 5: Assign Contacts/Groups

Choose whether to Assign to Contacts or Groups. Be sure to click Save.

  • Delete recurring events by clicking ••• and selecting Delete
  • Assign contacts or groups to a recurring event by clicking •••
  • Use bot actions to assign contacts to a recurring event automatically
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