How to Send Marketing Blasts

Step 1: Make a Plan

Mapping out what marketing campaigns you want to run will make implementation easier.

Some examples include:

  • Holiday sales 

  • New product drops

  • Invitation to join VIP club

Step 2: Create a Group

Create, or identify, which group you’re going to send your marketing messages to (e.g. Customers, VIP). 

  • Make sure you have permission. To learn more, go here

  • To learn how to create a group, go here.

Step 3: Send Message

  • Click on the red + in the righthand corner navigation

  • Click on Group Message


  • Select which group you want to send a message to

  • Select Service

  • Create message

 Try to limit your message to 3-4 segments maximum.

  • Click on Clock icon

  • Set Time

If you’re messaging a large group it may take several hours to deliver. Set a time that'll work for the time zones you're targeting, taking delivery delays into account. For example, don't send a message to 500 people at 8pm because it may not arrive until 10 pm. 

  • Click Schedule  

  • To upgrade and get a marketing number, go here

  • If you don't have a marketing number, you can send from your customer service number, but it must be sent to small groups (e.g. less than 30) and should avoid using promotional language. To learn more, go here.

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