How to Block a Contact


Blocking a contact in Shout means you will not be able to communicate with that person from any outlet – Shout-to-Shout (S2S), Customer Service or Marketing. The contact will be moved from your contact list to a blocked list. 

Manually blocking a contact is one way to ensure those who opt-out aren’t contacted ever again.

How to Block a Contact

  • Click on People in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Contacts 
  • Select the contact you want to block

  • Click on •••

  • Select Block

If a contact is blocked, and you try to add their name again as a new contact, it will not be added. The only way to get a blocked contact back into your contact list is to unblock them. 


How to Unblock a Contact

  • Click the black arrow at the top right of the screen to show a drop down menu
  • Click Settings
  • Click Blocked under Messaging

  • Click •••

  • Select Unblock


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