How to Send Images & Files (MMS)


A picture is worth a thousand words. MMS adds color to your communication, allowing you to convey emotion like humor and excitement. As a result, MMS has the highest read and response rate of any digital outreach. With Shout you can send pictures, memes and GIFs as an MMS – including individual and group messages, bots, and drip campaigns.

Additionally, you can send attachments with a short link.

Send Images in Shout (MMS)

Images are sent as attachments. There are two ways to do this – each with a different view for the person you send it to: 

  • MMS attachments are sent directly to a device via the wireless carrier, displaying the image directly in the device's messaging app.
  • Short links are sent as a text link. In most cases, recipients will need to click, or tap, the link to see the image.

  • When sending an image and text, each is sent separately. There may be a small delay between the delivery time of the image and the text.
  • See limitations below for size requirements. 

Choose How to Send an Attachment

From a message composer:

  • Click the mountain icon to attach a file
  • Select a file to attach
  • The file will appear as a thumbnail above your message
  • Click on the MMS or Link icon on the thumbnail to choose how the attachment should be sent, if possible
  • Some attachments can’t be sent as MMS. See limitations below.
  • If sending a marketing image to a large group, it's recommended to include copy in the image.
  • If sending a customer service image to a small group, you may send copy and images separate. 

Drag and Drop Images

To easily add an image that is saved on your desktop or another place on your computer, drag and drop the image into the Inbox Message Composer. 

  • Open the conversation in your inbox that you want to send a message in
  • Click the mountain icon to attach a file
  • Click the image you want to send, hold it down, and drag it over to the message composer
  • Release the image once it's over the message composer

Cost of MMS and Short Links

  • MMS attachments each cost two message segments 
  • Short links each cost one message segment 

An additional segment counter is shown in a message composer after you attach a file.

Default Attachment Options

You can create a default setting so that your account will always send images the way you prefer – as an MMS image or Share Link. 

To choose your default attachment settings:

  • Click the black arrow at the top right of the screen to show a drop down menu
  • Click Settings
  • Under Services, click Texting
  • Under MMS settings check the box to select the way Shout should send attachments by default
  • Click Save


Limitations of MMS Messages

Carriers set limitations on MMS messages. Please note:

  • MMS messages can be .jpg, .png, .tiff, .mp4, .ac3, .wav, .gif and some others
  • MMS messages sent via a Marketing number will be limited to 300 KB in size
  • MMS messages sent via a Customer Service number will be limited to 922 KB in size
  • Images (.jpg, .tiff, .png) uploaded to send as MMS messages are compressed to fit carrier limitations. Compression may cause a reduction in quality.
  • All GIFs are limited to 300 KB in size.
  • Short links have no file type restrictions and will accept sizes up to 20MB.
  • Any attachment exceeding these limitations will be sent as a short link regardless of your default settings.
  • To maintain control over the quality of your uploaded images, consider compressing them before uploading them to Shout to ensure they are less than the size limits described above.
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