Send Follow Ups

Follow ups are a great way to provide a great customer experience, get repeat business, and solicit feedback. When mapping out how you want to handle follow ups, be sure to be genuine, show appreciation, ask for feedback, and include a call to action, such as posting a review.

How to Schedule Follow Ups

  • Click on Orders in the left navigation

  • Click on the name of the order you want to schedule a follow up for


  • Click on Follow Up


  • Create a new follow up

    • Send Message

    • Run Bot

    • Run Drip Campaign


  • Select your service

    • Shout to Shout

    • Customer Service

    • Marketing

  • Select when the follow up will be sent

    • After Event (e.g. Paid, Delivered)
    • Schedule
    • Send Now


  • Click Save

  • Click on Orders or Shipping in the left navigation

  • Click on the name you want to verify received a follow up

  • Click on Follow Ups

  • Under Follow Ups you’ll see any messages associated with that order or shipment

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