How to Select a Service for Individual or Group Messages


Shout’s multi-channel inbox allows you to view all incoming messages and active conversations in one place. This means all your messages from texts (via your customer service or marketing number), Facebook Messenger, and Shout to Shout (S2S) come directly to your inbox. This saves you time and keeps you from having to manage conversations in multiple places. 

When using a multi-channel inbox, you need to select the service you want to send your message from.

  • When sending a bot or drip campaign you can select multiple services. 
  • You can choose to have group messages default to S2S for contacts who have Shout accounts. 

New Messages

When sending a new message to an individual or group, you must select which service you want to send it from. 

Replying to Messages

If you are replying to a message from someone, your message will automatically be sent through the service your message was received. For example, if someone texts your customer service number, your reply will automatically be from the customer service number. 

  • You can manually change the service if needed. 
  • This is also the case for messages about orders and shipping. 

How to Select a Service

Depending on the plan you've signed up for, you have up to four choices. 


S2S is free messaging between all Shout users. This is a great way, for example, to manage communication with a team.

Customer Service

This is your local number and best for one-on-one conversations related to customer service – orders, follow-ups, scheduled appointments. 


This is your 800 number set up for business texting – marketing blasts, mass communication, flash sales. 

Facebook Messenger

Connect your Facebook business page, and all messages from Facebook Messenger will come through Shout. 

  • To learn more about how to use your customer service and marketing numbers, go here.
  • To learn how to connect your Facebook business page, go here
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