1.11 - Web Interface Update

Hey Everyone, it's out! Our brand new web interface was released last Thursday morning. It's been over 7 months in the making and includes a brand new look and feel, designed by our very own Tanner Stephens to match our mobile app and includes lots of speed enhancements. Stay tuned for our next big release, Group Chat, coming before the end of the month. Here's a few highlights we wouldn't want you to miss:


- New "This Week" section on the Dashboard, which includes all your followups, birthday alerts, scheduled messages, and recurring events.


- Click the ^ to collapse and hide options. Shout remembers how you left things so you never get lost in the app.

- Click the (<) Right arrow to collapse the sidebar and give yourself even more room while your in the inbox or handling your orders or shipping labels.


- New ( + ) Button looks nicer and has more "New" things

- New Profile menu includes links to settings, loyalty (beta), plus usage and contact information.


- New look matches the mobile app. Renamed the "Done" tab to "Closed".

- So so many speed enhancements.

- New contact sidebar, so you can find EVERYTHING related to a contact right from the inbox.

- Better Unread counts. That pesky 1 should be gone in your app. Plus, the counts on your channels are more accurate.


- Contact table now shows you the type of contact information you have for each contact.

- New Contact Details Modal. Head over to the Contacts page (1) and click any contact to check it out.


- Shout just got even less expensive. You'll never pay more than 2 credits for sending a text message.

- Auto MMS - whenever you send an attachment as MMS, we'll automatically include the text you write with the image, saving you money, and improving the deliverability.

- Spam protection - we've added a few checks, most of which you'll never see, to help you protect your phone numbers and messages from getting flagged by carriers as spam.

Many thanks to Cameron McCord Josh Juncker Daniel Fuller and of course Bryce Brownlow for all the amazing help. Malie Enos Napier continues to be a huge help, letting us know exactly what you tell her we should fix and improve to make the app better.

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