Using Group Chat for Annoucements and Product Releases


With Shout, you can quickly create a group chat or convert an existing group chat (if you've already created one and added folks to it) and set the group chat up for Announcements and Product Releases. 

As a quick recap, Group Chat allows you to collaborate with your entire audience in one conversation.  It's easy to create a group chat and then send an invite link to all of your folks to quickly get them into the conversation. 

Group Chat can also be used to make it easier to do announcements and product releases so that everyone gets notified but they cannot post or add content to the group chat.  This allows you to control the content in the group chat so other folks can more easily find what they are looking for.

How To

  1. Click the New ( + ) button
  2. Click Group Chat
  3. Name your group chat and add a description. 
  4. Uncheck "Allow Member Posts"
  5. Click "Save"


At Shout, we use Group Chat ourselves to announce new product features to all of our users.  Check it out here:

Shout Announcements Group Chat


We used the followings settings for this Group Chat: 

  1. Allow Members to Post is OFF
  2. Allow Members to Invite is OFF
  3. Hide Members Tab from Members is ON

We also use a Share Link with an "Add to Group Chat" action to automatically add everyone who signs up for an account to the Shout Announcements Group Chat as well as adding custom tags and groups to each user so that we can handle our onboarding flow.  Click the link above to learn more about creating a custom Share Link. 

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