How to Create and Use Share Links

What are Share Links?

Share links are a simple way to share your workflow with other Shout users.

Imagine someone from your team just signed up for Shout and you want them to follow your process, or maybe you created a promotion bot and you want to share with your whole team. Bundle your work and send a share link.

Create a Share Link

Step 1: Create a New Share Link

  • Click on Links in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Share Links 
  • Click the blue button at the top left of the screen
  • These also work like a referral link – if your contact doesn't have a Shout account you can invite them to join Shout AND include content and messages to be added to their account.
  • When someone accepts your share link, your selected bots and messages will automatically be added to their account – a great way to get them up and going quickly
  • Send new team members a share link that runs a chain bot to take them through a step-by-step onboarding process you’ve designed
  • Share Links will not share any contact information or recurring events

Step 2: Link Options

See to the panel on the left – this is where you'll add everything you want included in the Share Link.

  • The Message section is where you'll customize the messages your contact will receive or assign bots to run.
    • Permissions Message – This appears when someone clicks on your Share Link before anything is added to their account. Example: "Hey there! I’ve put together my favorite bots, groups, tags, and channels, to help you get off to a great start. Click below to add them to your account."
    • Welcome Message – This will be sent to the recipient’s Shout inbox after they’ve accepted your Share Link. It's helpful to list what's included in the link. Example: "You now have example bots, groups, tags, and channels in your account. You can personalize them to fit your needs, and if you have any questions along the way, reach out!"
    • Run a Bot – You can choose to have a bot triggered whenever someone accepts your Share Link
    • Run a Drip Campaign – You can start a drip campaign whenever someone accepts your Share Link
  • The Actions section is where you can control how contacts are organized in YOUR account when someone accepts your Share Link. You can add contacts to a specific channel, tag, or group. 
  • The Share My section is where you can choose to share your work. 
  • Click Save & Exit at the top of the screen when you're done. 

Send a Share Link

There are two ways to send a Share Link:

Option 1: From Anywhere – Email, Social Media, and More

  • Click on Links in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Share Links 
  • Click on the ••• 
  • Click Share or Copy Link

Option 2: Directly from Your Shout Account 

  • Create a new Message or go to Inbox
  • From the message box, click the Share Link Icon and select a link

Edit a Share Link

  • Click on Links in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Share Links 
  • Select the Link you'd like to edit or select ••• to the right and select Edit
  • Don’t forget to Save & Exit
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