How to Use the Inbox (Mobile)


Shout’s multi-channel inbox allows you to view all incoming messages and active conversations in one place. This means all your messages from texts, Facebook Messenger, and Shout-to-Shout (S2S) come directly to your Shout inbox.

To learn how to connect your inbox to your Facebook page, go here.

Managing Conversations    

From the inbox you can: 

  • View messages by channel

  • Sort by open and closed conversations

  • Search conversations by contact name

  • Filter conversations

    • Tap the envelope to sort unread messages – red shows all unread messages and white shows all messages

    • Tap the filter button to sort by topic, group, tag, hide bots in progress, or hide muted conversations

  • Swipe right to pin a thread or mute a conversation

  • Swipe left to mark a conversation unread, or close a conversation

  • Tap a conversation to open the conversation thread and send a message

Channels organize incoming messages. To learn more editing and assigning contacts to channels, go here.

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