How to Run and Track Bots (Mobile)


Bots automatically handle conversations for you. Drips allow you to send a series of messages on a schedule you set. Both can be managed from your phone!

Bots need to be created and edited from your desktop or tablet.

Bot Details & Tracking

Access your bots from the main dashboard. Here you can:

  • View all bots – active and paused

  • View in progress bots

  • Tap the bot to view:

    • Bot details

    • Pause/active 

    • Favorite

    • View contact in progress/that finished

Run a Bot

  • Tap the people icon in the bottom navigation

  • Tap the contact you want to message 

  • Tap •••

  • Tap Run Bot

  • Tap the bot you want to run

  • Confirm Yes

  • Bots on the mobile app can only be run for individual contacts at this time. 

  • You can’t run a bot from a new conversation, only within an existing one.

Activate or Pause a Bot

  • Go to the main dashboard

  • Tap Bots

  • Tap the bot you want to activate or pause

  • Tap on Active button to turn on or off

Stop a Bot In Progress

  • Go to the conversation where the bot is running

  • Find the Bot in Progress header

  • Tap Stop

  • Confirm Yes

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