Community Page

Use the Community Page to invite other contacts to your Group Chat, and share all of your basic Group Chat info with your entire community. All you have to do is copy your Community Page Link and share it out with all who want to join. 

Create a Community Page

  • Create a new Group Chat, or open an existing Group Chat
  • In the Edit Group Chat Modal, click the "Community Page" tab and then click "Allow Community Page"
  • Under the Info tab, click Generate Link next to Community Page Link
  • To copy anytime in the future, select Click to Copy

Community Page Settings

You can make any adjustments to your Community Page from within your Group Chat Settings. 

  • Open a Group Chat and click on the three dots in the top righthand corner
  • Select Edit Chat
  • Click Community Page
  • From here, you can choose to Allow Community Page, Allow Community Page Join Button, and edit the Page URL
  • After making any changes, click Save

Joining a Community Page

 The Community Page will show all your Group Chat surface information at a glance with whoever clicks on the link. 

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